Fire behavior of thermal insulation materials: EPS raw materials and XPS

The "LNE FEU PS" certification is the best way to demonstrate compliance with the regulations on expanded polystyrene raw materials or for extruded polystyrene used for the thermal insulation of Classified Installations for Environmental Protection (ICPE), and for external thermal insulation of establishments open to public (ERP), or internal thermal insulation for residential buildings.

Presentation of the certification


The regulatory requirements are based on the regulations of 15 April 2010 relating to ICPE and Technical Instruction No 249 relating to facades for ERP and the regulations of 7 August 2019 relating to residential buildings, which require the manufacturer to set up provisions relating to the fire behaviour of raw materials for expanded polystyrene (EPS ) or of extruded polystyrene (XPS).
The LNE FEU PS certification is aimed at producers of raw materials for expanded polystyrene or of extruded polystyrene and allows prescribers, contractors, users of the building distribution to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements.


LNE ensures the fire performance of the product and its maintenance via a reaction to fire class of the product at least equivalent to D-s3, d2, as well as the flame retardant monitoring of extruded polystyrene or of raw materials for expanded polystyrene at the producer through annual inspections of manufacturing sites and specific fire tests at the plant's laboratory. This ensures that the fire performance of the product is maintained safely.

The most?

Together with the "LNE feu PS" certification, manufacturers of raw materials for expanded polystyrene could be certified in accordance with the E class certification as defined in Annex E of EN13163 standards for raw materials. This certification allows EPS raw materials transformers to reduce the frequency of their factory production control for the evaluation of the reaction to fire of samples made of expanded EPS raw material.

Get certified


Certification rules define the framework of the managing certification, including the scope, requirements to be met by the applicant /stakeholder, during admission and surveillance procedures. The procedures for obtaining the certification are defined in Chapter 3 of the rules of certification for fire behavior of thermal insulation materials (LNE FEU PS), specifying in particular the technical file to be transmitted and the initial evaluation process.