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NF-branded Waste bags / NF Environment Waste bags

Now more than ever, consumers and both public and private sector buyers are demanding proof. The NF certification fulfills this need, by achieving distinction among the various known logos and labels. The NF-branded Waste bags constitute a fundamental differentiating element in the marketing of your waste bags on the French market. It helps consumers more choose more wisely, consume more wisely and moreover guarantees the quality of your waste bags.

Presentation of the certification

This NF certification attests to the compliance of your waste bags with European Standard EN 13592 or with French Standard NF 30-501 for waste bags stemming from health care activities involving infectious risks, as complemented by technical specifications that serve to strengthen the level of certified quality. The requirements that must be met are described in the NF082 certification rules (Part 2).

Why opt for NF-branded waste bags?

By affixing the NF brand on your waste bags, you're providing your clients with the certainty of purchasing bags :

  • compliant with strict use performance requirements: perfect seal, resistance of filled bags when dropped from a height of 1.20 m,
  • of consistent quality, as guaranteed by regular controls conducted annually by LNE,
  • at a fair price - the characteristics of NF-certified bags are well known, meaning you're in possession of a widely-recognized reference for comparing prices,
  • capable of meeting specific user expectations: bags for hospitals and biology laboratories ("DASRI" labeled bags), selective collection, type of closing mechanism.

Additional service: NF Environment brand of Waste bags

Affixing the NF Environment brand on your products guarantees :

  • the resistance of your bags to waste material (by means of NF Waste bag certification),
  • the mitigation of environmental impacts tied to the production and disposal of your waste bags: limitation of both air and water pollution, and optimization of material choices and quantities used,
  • the absence of hazardous substances for human health and the environment (quality of inks and pigments),
  • the quantity of ink also limited.

Obtaining certification

Consultez les règles de certification qui définissent le cadre de gestion de la certification, notamment le champ d'application, les exigences à respecter par le demandeur/titulaire, les modalités d'admission, de surveillance et les intervenants. L'obtention de la certification est encadrée par la partie 3 des règles de certification.