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Today more than ever, consumers and public and private buyers are demanding proof. NF certification meets this need, distinguishing itself among the various known logos and labels. By purchasing NF certified waste containers, you know exactly the characteristics of the containers you use. In addition, this brand is a fundamental differentiating element for the marketing of your rolling waste containers or selective collection containers.

Presentation of the certification

The NF certification certifies the conformity of your rolling waste containers with the European standard EN 840-1 to 6 or EN 13071 for selective collection containers, supplemented by technical specifications that reinforce the quality level of the certification. All the requirements to be met are described in the NF253 certification rules (Part 2).

Get certified

The request for certification can be addressed to the sales department or the project manager. The certification rules define the certification management framework, including the scope, requirements to be met by the applicant/holder, admission, supervision and stakeholders. Obtaining certification is governed by Part 3 of the certification rules. The application forms and the elements constituting the requested technical file are defined. Forms can be sent in word format on request.

Certified companies

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