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Electrical calibration - Resistances, Impedances

For all equipment suppliers, manufacturing industries and laboratories now implementing the means to measure electrical potential differences, resistances and impedances, LNE provides a wide range of services to characterize your instruments and/or facilities: Confirmation of your references, matching of your working standards with your equipment.

Calibration services proposed

Direct current resistance

  • Range from 1 nW to 1 PW

Traceability is guaranteed by correlating the unique standard resistance values of 1 W and 10 kW with the QHE (Quantum Hall Effect).

Electrical capacitance

  • Range from 1 fF to 1 F

Traceability is guaranteed by correlating the unique standard capacitance values of 10 pF, 100 pF and 1000 pF with the Lampard-Thompson capacitance meter at a frequency of 796 Hz.

Electrical inductance

  • Range from 100 nH to 10 H

Traceability is guaranteed by means of correlation with the direct current resistance and capacitance standards.

Direct voltage

  • Range from 1 nV to 1,500 V

Traceability is guaranteed by correlating the unique standard voltage reference values 1.018 V and 10 V with the Josephson Effect.

Definition of the customized technical program (magnitudes, values, frequencies, levels of uncertainty) or proposed standard program depending on your installation

Uncertainty levels I and II, in accordance with your needs.
Uncertainties available either on the COFRAC website or upon request.

Accreditation details

  • COFRAC Accreditation No. 2-03

List of sites and scopes available on www.cofrac.fr

  • Best calibration opportunities among France's national laboratories available on the BIPM website.

Additional services

Development of dedicated measurement methods, customized training modules, expert appraisals, characterization of new facilities.

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