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Calibrating your measurement instruments enables connecting them to the international system of units, while ensuring the traceability of your measurement results. This approach serves to satisfy the requirements of your quality assurance protocol. We propose providing you with a determination of the metrological performance of your 3D printer based on a designed part model.

Services proposed

Additive manufacturing offers a key breakthrough over the upcoming years, and the dimensional precision of manufactured parts is one of this field's underlying challenges.

We are proposing to determine for you the metrological performance of your 3D printer, based on a model developed by NIST (i.e. National Institute of Standards and Technology) and controlled by LNE.

This procedure consists of generating a standard object from a CAD file that we will be providing. Next, LNE will conduct a dimensional verification of the built object and output the dimensional deviations measured in comparison with anticipated theoretical results. This control procedure pertains to the dimensional specifications and tolerances as regards shape / position / orientation.

LNE's service offering comprises: production of a CAD file in Step format, execution of dimensional control (with several options) of the target object using measurement instruments correlated with national standards, and write-up of the associated measurement report.