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January 18, 2021

Artificial Intelligence - The MISEL project supported by Europe

As part of the European Commission's program on future and emerging technologies, LNE won the "Neuromorphic computing technologies" call with the MISEL project.

Projet de recherche européen MISEL : construction et évaluation d'un système de perception visuelle

Build and evaluate a visual perception system

The MISEL project (Multispectral Intelligent vision System with Embedded Low-power neural computing) is a European FET-Proactive project aiming to build and evaluate an integrated circuit implementing an intelligent retina for embedded systems. This circuit will thus allow the implementation of high-performance vision algorithms in an extremely small size, weight and energy cost, similar to that of a current webcam.

The MISEL project aims to create a complete neuromorphically inspired visual perception system in an integrated circuit including :

  • multiband detection of light (front of retina)
  • local calculations with event detection (back of the retina)
  • global calculations (visual cortex)

Within the international consortium carrying out this project, LNE's role will be to evaluate and demonstrate the relevance of the circuit from a performance point of view, by comparison with conventional algorithms based on international benchmarks and on new data created in the project. In addition, the qualities of the circuit will be evaluated from the point of view of energy use and response latency.


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