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10 February 2023

Metrology in chemistry and biology: TC-MC / EURAMET annual meeting

For the first time, LNE hosted the Technical Committee in Metrology in Chemistry (TC-MC). More than 80 researchers from 32 different countries took the opportunity to discover our laboratories and discuss the major societal challenges that metrology in chemistry and biology must address.

Le TC-MC d'Euramet 2023 s'est réuni au LNE

The EURAMET technical committees are the operational bodies for discussing metrological issues specific to the quantities under consideration. In the field of chemical and biological metrology, discussions focus on traceability concepts, including reference materials and the choice of (primary) methods, as well as CMCs (Calibration & Measurement Capabilities), and also on the major challenges to which chemical and biological metrology must respond: health, environment, climate change, food, etc.

The TC-MC (Technical Committee in Metrology in Chemistry) meets annually in a European NMI (National Metrology Institute), thus enabling its members to discover the laboratories and skills of their peers.

As France held the presidency of the TC-MC from 2019 to 2022 (Sophie Vaslin-Reimann), the proposal to host European colleagues at the LNE was accepted by the current president (Teemu Naykki from SYKE).

In 2024, the meeting will be held in the Netherlands and the VSL will be the next host.