13 July 2022

Nanomedicine and characterisation: a look back at the 2022 workshop

On 30 June 2022, LNE organised the first nanomedicine workshop, which brought together more than 60 participants, mainly from industry. It was an opportunity for them to share their problems, expand their network and identify possible areas of collaboration.

A day of discussions on characterisation and testing issues

On 30 June 2022, LNE organised a workshop in Paris to bring together nanomedicine players and high-level speakers to discuss the characterisation and testing issues that need to be addressed to enable innovations in the field to reach the market and patients. This event aimed to share information on the regulatory framework in force, as well as the expectations of the sector in terms of technical issues in the analytical field or the structuring of the ecosystem. Various information was also shared on the possibilities of EU funding to develop and validate characterisation methods that may be lacking today.

This first meeting, which is intended to be the starting point for a series of future events, was a great success with more than 60 participants, mainly from industry. 38 entities were represented, including 11 start-ups, 7 SMEs and 5 large groups, from the fields of nanomedicine, instrumentation and service provision. This was an opportunity for them to share their problems, to expand their network and to identify potential collaborations.

Starting point of a roadmap for NanoMesureFrance

The discussions at this very rich event should provide input for a framework document that will be used to draw up a roadmap of future actions, particularly within the framework of the NanoMesureFrance Centre that LNE is working to set up with various partners. The aim is to make progress on better characterisation of nanomaterials and related innovations by harmonising methodologies and disseminating good practice in conjunction with key initiatives and players in the field.

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