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21 November 2023

Nanomedicine Workshop: making test methods available at the heart of discussions

Following the success of the first workshop on the subject in 2022, which brought together 63 participants and helped identify priorities in terms of test methods to be harmonised, this year LNE once again welcomed the main stakeholders in the field of health and nanotechnologies.

Photo of participants during a presentation

Sharing initiatives in the field of pre-standardisation

This new event, co-organised with the NanoMesureFrance Association and the European MetrINo project on Monday 13 November 2023, was entitled "The international standardisation roadmap for nanomedicine".

Its aim was to follow up on the 2022 discussions by bringing together the European pharmacopoeia (EDQM), key players in the characterisation of nanomedicine and medical products containing nanomaterials (JRC, NPL, LNE, NIST, NRC Canada, SINTEF Industry) and standardisation bodies (CEN, ISO, ASTM, VAMAS).
This was an opportunity for all to share current initiatives and discuss how Europe could play a more active role in the pre-standardisation of methods needed to meet regulatory requirements in the field.
The European Commission's two Open Innovation Test Beds initiatives aiming to support the clinical translation of nanotechnology-based health products, the PHOENIX and SAFE-n-MEDTECH OITBs, were also on hand to share the expectations of their partners and the actions they have taken to improve the quality of data measured by their platforms.

Numerous exchanges to make progress on the provision of harmonised test methods

74 participants were present to the event (in the room or online), the vast majority from industry (players in the health sector, instrumentation or service providers).

Numerous discussions took place during the Q&A sessions and the two round tables that were on the programme.
The importance to strengthen the role of Europe, with a central role to be played by the national metrology institutes was stressed by multiple parties. Metrology institutes may be the best candidates to establish as a link between industry, regulatory agencies, characterisation experts and standardisation.

LNE will continue its efforts in this area, in particular through the NanoMesureFrance Association and toward the coordination of the Metrino project!