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13 February 2024

Women and science at the LNE: a concrete commitment to equality and excellence

To mark UNESCO's International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February, the LNE is reaffirming its commitment to gender equality and inclusion in science and technology.


Committed to equal opportunities and diversity

LNE is firmly committed to developing and encouraging the participation of women at all levels of research and innovation. In 2022, the key figures show a positive and promising dynamic:

  • 27% of LNE technicians are women. This proportion, higher than the national average, reflects LNE's attractiveness to women at the earliest levels of qualification.
  • 43% of LNE's PhD students are women. This high proportion of female PhD students is an encouraging sign for the future of scientific and technical research at LNE.
  • 33% of LNE researchers are women. Although parity has not yet been achieved, there has been significant and steady progress in recent years.

Women at the head of major projects

LNE is proud to have many women in positions of responsibility in international projects, particularly as European project leaders.

Of the 10 European Partnership on Metrology projects coordinated by LNE, five are headed by women:

  • Johanna Noireaux, coordinator of the MetroCycleEU project 
  • Chiara Giangrande, coordinator of the NEuroBioStand project
  • Fanny Caputo, coordinator of the MetrINo project
  • Olga Kozlova, PhoQus-T project coordinator
  • Amandine Bœuf, coordinator of the ProMET project

The LNE Research Award: recognition for female excellence

Every year, the LNE Research Awards récompense chaque année des scientifiques pour leurs contributions remarquables dans différents domaines. Parmi les lauréates, on peut citer des femmes talentueuses telles que :

  • Marie-Christine LÉPY, Director of Research at CEA, awarded in 2019 for her work on radiation,
  • Jocelyne GUÉNA, awarded in 2017 for her work on time-frequencies?
  • Paola FISICARO, Doctor of Chemistry, awarded in 2014 for her research in inorganic chemistry and electrochemistry,
  • Marie-Martine BÉ, Research Engineer at the LNHB, awarded in 2011 for her work on radionuclides,
  • Anne de VISMES OTT, specialist in gamma spectrometry at IRSN, awarded in 2021.

Promoting research projects

The LNE is committed to highlighting the careers of its doctoral students through videos such as "Ma Thèse LNE". These testimonials give visibility to women in science and encourage female vocations in scientific and technical fields.

Discover the episodes (english subtitles available):


The LNE is committed to equal opportunities and diversity in the scientific world. By encouraging the participation of women at all levels of research and innovation, the LNE is helping to build a fairer and more inclusive future.


I am proud of our institution's commitment to parity and the involvement of women in science. The encouraging figures show a positive dynamic. I would like to pay tribute to the work done by all the women who contribute to the LNE's success. Their talent, passion and commitment are a source of inspiration to us all. The LNE will continue to work to encourage women to pursue careers in science and technology. Parity is essential for the future of research and innovation, and we are convinced that women have a major role to play in this field.

Thomas Grenon, Director General of LNE