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120 years of LNE
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Founded in 1901, the LNE is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. This is an opportunity to look back on a history that has been entirely devoted to innovation in every possible field - and in particular health, transport, the environment and ICT. A journey that is already serving as a springboard for our missions of tomorrow. More than yesterday, less than tomorrow... that could be our motto.

Innovation for passion

120 ans du LNE

Rooted in the history of science and technology, LNE has always been a player in innovation. Today, we want to reaffirm this commitment, so that we can play a full part in the revolutions to come.

From Gustave Eiffel's Panhard Levassor to autonomous vehicles, from 1900 thermometers to intelligent medical devices, our roadmap remains constant: to give confidence in emerging technologies, in order to protect citizens and consumers, but also to support the industrial competitiveness of our country. This mission is sometimes tinged with resilience issues, as was the case at the end of the two world wars, and as is the case today, when we are faced with unprecedented climate and health crises.


From our genesis to the present day, our path has remained consistent. We have always been at the side of the forerunners. We have always adapted to accompany, and even anticipate, their needs. And we will continue to do so.

Thomas Grenon, chief executive officer
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Four priorities for the 2020 decade

Now that it is 120 years old, the LNE is continuing to move forward and is focusing on four major priorities for the current decade.

Ecological transition

We are doing our utmost to meet environmental challenges and respond to new scientific and industrial needs concerning the energy transition (storage, development of alternative energies, smart grids, etc.), climate monitoring (ocean acidification), pollution control (water, air, soil), and biodiversity protection.

Health and safety

We are maintaining our efforts in the field of health, particularly with regard to nuclear medicine and the prevention of high-stakes diseases (neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, etc.). In addition, the recurrence of pandemics opens up a new field of research for us, in aerosol metrology. As for the safety of citizens, it will of course remain one of our major concerns.

Digital transition

With our recognized expertise in the evaluation of artificial intelligence, we will strengthen our tools and methods to cover all the fields of application of these technologies, starting with the most critical. The challenge is to promote their acceptability and their development, in the service of our technological independence. We will also ensure that we support cybersecurity, a corollary of the country's digital transformation.

Industrial competitiveness

To contribute to the emergence of the factory of the future, we will continue to invest in quality control for additive manufacturing and in the evaluation of robotics. We will also be stepping up research projects on the characterization of advanced materials and nanomaterials, particularly graphene, to support Safer by Design approaches.

Research, metrology, testing, certification, training... all our businesses are mobilized to support initiatives in these areas, both public and private.

But beyond that, our employees will continue to be involved in a multitude of other areas. The diversity of our stakeholders and the multidisciplinary nature of our teams are another hallmark of the LNE DNA.