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5 June 2023

Certificate holders of the PTB conformity assessment body can obtain market access for Great Britain regardless of the Brexit.

In cooperation with LNE-GMED UK, the British subsidiary of the LNE group, PTB now offers conformity assessments valid in Great Britain for measuring instruments and non-automatic weighing instruments.

Because of the Brexit, quality seals that apply throughout Europe, such as the CE marking, will according to the current status no longer be recognised in Great Britain from January 1, 2025 and will be replaced by the UKCA mark. The conformity assessment body of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), in cooperation with LNE-GMED UK, the UK subsidiary of the French Metrology and Testing Laboratory (LNE Group), has now found a way to enable its customers to continue to obtain certification for the British market in the future.

LNE-GMED UK, Approved Body N°8521, offers UKCA marking services for measuring instruments and non-automatic weighing instruments in accordance with corresponding UK regulations. In an agreement signed with PTB in February 2023, LNE-GMED UK agrees to issue UKCA certificates on the basis of test and audit reports from PTB. This means in practice: PTB customers can still use the assessment results determined by PTB for PTB certificates for the European market as well as for UKCA certificates for the UK market.


Contact at the PTB:

Harry Stolz, Certification Manager PTB Conformity Assessment Body
Tel.: +49 (531) 592 9220
E-Mail: harry.stolz@ptb.de

Contact at LNE-GMED UK:

Wei Ji, Technical Manager, LNE-GMED UK Limited
Tel.: +44 7475 870088
E-Mail: wei.ji@lne-gmed.com