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12 December 2022

Launch of the NanoMesureFrance association

To support sustainable and responsible innovation in nanomaterials, LNE, France Chimie and the French Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) have created the NanoMesureFrance (NMF) association. Supported by the French government and the Île-de-France region, the association aims to become a sustainable structure to strengthen confidence in nanomaterials and related innovations by working to bring together the French stakeholders concerned by nanomaterials and to improve the quality and comparability of characterization/testing data.

Logo NanoMesureFranceNanomaterials are formidable source of innovation and are used in all industrial sectors. However, the development of sustainable and responsible innovations requires a better identification of these nanomaterials in the different value chains, the characterization of different key physico-chemical properties for them or the evaluation of the emission of nano-objects at different stages of the product life cycle.

Harmonization of characterization/testing methodologies and access to expert players and facilities are key to meeting these various challenges and ultimately facilitating the marketing of safe, high-performance products within an appropriate regulatory framework at the European level.

In order to make progress on these issues and create the necessary conditions of confidence, LNE, France Chimie and FEBEA have joined forces to create NanoMesureFrance (NMF), whose pre-standardization activities will be carried out in close collaboration with major European and international initiatives in the field.

The association will provide solutions adapted to the different levels of complexity and maturity of the problems expressed by its members. The latter will thus have access to a range of high added-value services combining the complementary capabilities of members (testing, technical assistance, collective expertise, proficiency testing, training, etc.), to platforms bringing together state-of-the-art equipements, and to an innovation program conducive to the development, harmonization and validation of innovative characterization tools and methods.

Federating, harmonizing, sharing

NanoMesureFrance, whose creation and implementation is supported by the French government (via the Public Investment Bank) and the Île-de-France region, aims to :

  • Bring together the French stakeholders concerned by a better characterization of nanomaterials within a network accessible via a single entry point;
  • Promote collaboration and facilitate access to recognized and qualified resources and expertise;
  • To set up pre-standardization actions for tools and methods to meet the needs identified among its members;
  • To provide a framework for the coordination of French efforts on these topics while ensuring the connection with key European and international initiatives (AFNOR, CEN, ISO, ASTM, VAMAS, OECD, EURAMET, NANOFABNET...) to better valorize this work;
  • • Sharing information (technological and scientific watch, standards and reference documents, events, research funding opportunities) and good practices.

Some twenty members from industry, large groups and start-ups, and the academic sector, representing producers and integrators of nanomaterials, service providers and manufacturers of measurement instrumentation should join the association by 2023. They will be organized around several working groups aimed at addressing issues specific to different sectors: Chemicals/Materials, Cosmetics, Nanomedicine and Instrumentation/Sensors.

Other working groups may be created at a later date, depending on the interest and needs that may be expressed by stakeholders from other sectors (transport, construction, energy, environment, etc.).


Supporting industry and accompanying innovation are two of LNE's key missions. These missions have now been fulfilled with the creation of NanoMesureFrance, through which we will continue to put all our expertise at the service of industry.

Thomas Grenon, LNE Director General


Our ambition for NanoMesureFrance is to obtain, through the pooling of know-how and projects to be developed, harmonized methods for the characterisation of nanomaterials. This process will help support industry in its safe-by-design innovation approach.

Magali Smets, Managing Director of France Chimie


The creation of NanoMesureFrance marks the commitment of the cosmetics industry to accelerate knowledge on nanomaterials and thus strengthen safety and confidence. The cooperation of all stakeholders - public, private, research - within NanoMesureFrance is the solution to move forward efficiently and responsibly.

Emmanuel Guichard, General Delegate of FEBEA