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17 novembre 2022
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Workshop: Metrology for Energy nanomaterials

The CNRS "NAnoMaterials for Energy applications" research group (GdR NAME) aims to expand existing networks to develop and exploit the specificities of nanomaterials for energy recovery, conversion, transport and storage. In this context, LNE and INL jointly organize a one-day workshop dedicated to metrology for energy nanomaterials.


Nanomaterial illustration

This workshop proposes to present to the scientific community involved in the development of Energy nanomaterials an overview (not exhaustive) of the main techniques of quantitative characterization at micro and nano scales. It is also an opportunity to introduce them to the issues of standardization, traceability of measurements and modelling at these scales. In addition, this workshop will also be an opportunity to discuss the scientific barriers and technical challenges specific to measurements at nanoscale that remain to be overcome with the aim at obtaining quantitative measurements and converging measurements and modelling.


    Date: 17 Novembre 2022

    Place: LNE Paris (room 68) 1, rue Gaston Boissier - 75724 PARIS 

    9:00 | Opening

    J.R. Filtz | LNE

    9:10 | Standardisation

    N. Fabricus | ISC

    9:45 | Modelling

    B. Gautier | INL

    10:20 | Metrology : Measurement and uncertainties

    S. Demeyer | LNE

    10:55 | Coffee break

    11:10 | Nano characterization in length domain: AFM, SEM 

    A. Delvallée | LNE

    11:45 | Nano characterization in electricity (I) : KPFM, and Conductive AFM techniques

    K. Kaja | LNE

    12:20 | Lunch

    13:45 | Nano characterization in electricity (II): SMM techniques

    J. Hoffmann | METAS

    14:20 | Nano characterization in magnetism

    H. W. Schumacher | PTB

    14:55 | Nano characterization in thermal domain (SThM)

    S. Gomès | CETHIL

    15:30 | Coffee break

    15:45 | Elemental and structural characterization

    Y. Ménesguen | LNHB

    16:20 | Round table

    17:00 | Closure

    Registration and attendee details

    The workshop is free of charge but all participants have to register online. Please note that the total number of participants is limited, so the ‘first come, first serve’ principle will be applied.


    Registration include meal and coffees break.

    Venue & location


    1 Rue Gaston Boissier, 75015 Paris

    Organising committee

    • N. Fleurence (LNE)
    • B. Gautier (INL)
    • F. Piquemal (LNE)
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    For more information, please contact: workshopnanoenergy@lne.fr


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