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ISO 50001 certification - Energy Management System

Higher energy prices cut into companies' profitability; energy savings have thus become a major challenge in ensuring competitiveness. The implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS) provides an effective approach to lowering energy bills on the order of 5% to 10% a year.

Presentation of the certification

Initiation of an ISO 50001 protocol is an efficient means for reducing an organization's billed energy costs. Competitiveness is increased through lowering energy expenses.


  • Optimizes your consumption patterns as well as energy expenses,
  • Demonstrates your commitment to the sustainable energy transition,
  • Ensures compliance with European Directive 2012/27/EU.

LNE's assets

The LNE Laboratory has for many years accompanied industries in their drive towards energy efficiency by providing an array of technical several: infrared thermography, certification of insulating materials, credentialing of energy audit professionals, etc.

Obtaining certification

Ahead of the certification audit, LNE is able to propose a preliminary audit in order to maximize your chances of success.

Certification steps

  • Planning: A competent auditor within your sector of activity lays out the audit steps in conjunction with you.
  • On-site audit: The auditor organizes a comprehensive review of your energy management system by relying on a dual technical-operational approach.
  • Feedback: The lead auditor provides you with an executive summary of the audit observations.
  • Review committee deliberation: Your certification project manager presents your application to the committee.
  • Decision notification: LNE informs you of the committee's ultimate decision.
  • Monitoring and certification renewal: An audit is subsequently conducted on an annual basis.


Joint certification

The ISO 50001 certification meshes perfectly with Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001) and Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001). Thanks to the technical proficiency of our auditors, you may share audit resources and thereby optimize costs.

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