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ISO 9001 certification of quality management systems

The ISO 9001 certification is intended to substantiate your ability to provide compliant products and/or services and thereby enhance your clients' satisfaction while improving your performance.

Presentation of the certification


  • Anticipates changes through acknowledging both the inherent challenges and stakeholders
  • Prevents risks while taking advantage of opportunities
  • Demonstrates your commitment to quality
  • Implements your strategy
  • Evaluates your level of performance
  • Continuously improves your skills
  • Raises your clients' degree of satisfaction
  • Wins contracts
  • Enhances your brand image both internally and externally
  • Generates savings while reducing costs
  • Rally your employees around a collective project.

LNE's assets

  • A designated, specialized contact person assigned to manage all your Quality, Safety and Environmental affairs
  • A team of auditors with extensive experience. The qualification process acknowledges both their technical competence and relationship-building skills
  • A range of technical competences drawn from LNE's recognized expertise (featuring product testing, research, application evaluation).

Obtaining certification

Prior to the certification audit step, LNE is capable of performing a preliminary audit in order to maximize your chances of ultimate success.

Certification steps

  • Scheduling : A competent auditor in your sector schedules with you the audit protocol.
  • On-site audit : The auditor coordinates the comprehensive review of your environmental management system by emphasizing a dual technical-operational approach.
  • Feedback : The audit manager provides you with a summary of the audit observations.
  • Review committee deliberation : Your certification project manager submits your file to the committee.
  • Decision notification : LNE informs you of the decision regarding certification.
  • Monitoring and renewal : A follow-up audit is then conducted on an annual basis.

Joint certification

The ISO 9001 certification overlaps perfectly with management systems targeting the environment (ISO 14001), safety (ISO 45001), information security (ISO 27001). Thanks to the technical expertise of our auditors, you'll have the opportunity to share audits and optimize costs.

Companies earning the LNE ISO 9001 certification

Consult the list of LNE-certified companies on our web page Certificates issued

LNE clients testify

Nous apprécions d’abord l’écoute de nos interlocuteurs et la pertinence de leurs approches. Nos échanges avec les Chefs de Projets Certification et les auditeurs s’opèrent de manière constructive. Ils sont compétents, disponibles et sensibles aux enjeux d’une entreprise comme la nôtre. C’est extrêmement appréciable.

Damien McKEON
Directeur Qualité & Réglementaire - Voluntis

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