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ISO 14001 certification - Environmental Management System

The ISO 14001 Standard serves to reduce environmental impacts while establishing a sustainable growth path for your company. An ISO 14001 certification officially recognizes your insistence on respecting best environmental practices to instructing parties, your clients, your investors or public authorities.

Presentation of the certification


  • Limits the number of adverse environmental incidents,
  • Anticipates changes in environmental regulations,
  • Wins contracts, given that environmental considerations have become a critical decision-making criterion,
  • Eases the increasing pressures stemming from environmental protections: authorities, the media, consumer groups, business partners,
  • Improves the organization's brand image both internally and externally,
  • Yields savings by reducing, for example, energy consumption, waste volumes or insurance premiums,
  • Rallies employees around a company-wide campaign.

LNE's assets

  • A well-connected professional contact to better manage all your Quality, Safety and Environmental applications,
  • Highly-experienced auditors - the certification process relies on their technical competencies and relationship-building skills,
  • A set of technical competencies able to tap into LNE's renowned expertise (in areas including product testing, research and application evaluation).

Obtaining certification

Ahead of the certification audit, LNE is able to propose a preliminary audit in order to maximize your chances of success.

Certification steps

  • Planning: A competent auditor within your sector of activity lays out the audit steps in conjunction with you.
  • On-site audit: The auditor organizes a comprehensive review of your environmental management system by relying on a dual technical-operational approach.
  • Feedback: The lead auditor provides you with an executive summary of the audit observations.
  • Review committee deliberation: Your certification project manager presents your application to the committee.
  • Decision notification: LNE informs you of the committee's ultimate decision.
  • Monitoring and certification renewal: An audit is subsequently conducted on an annual basis.

Joint certification

The ISO 14001 certification meshes perfectly with Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001). Thanks to the technical proficiency of our auditors, you may share audit resources and thereby optimize costs.

Companies earning the LNE ISO 14001 certification

Consult the list of LNE-certified companies on our web page Certificates issued

LNE clients testify

J’ai apprécié les échanges lors de l’audit LNE, qui nous ont amenés à réfléchir et nous ont fourni des pistes pour améliorer nos bonnes pratiques. Je gère seule le système de management environnemental, il m’est par conséquent très utile d’avoir un regard extérieur

Responsable Hygiène Sécurité Environnement - Sebia

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