NF Mark Fire safety - PVC Pipes & Fittings

The NF Mark -Fire Safety - PVC pipes and fittings intended for residual water evacuation applications inside buildings is a useful and effective tool allowing manufacturers to differentiate themselves on the French and European market and the insurance for the user to choose a PVC pipe or fitting that meets the requirements of quality and reliability, assuring the constancy of the quality of the product as well as the compliance with regulations in force.

Presentation of the certification

The NF Mark - Fire Safety - PVC Pipes and Fittings is for manufacturers of PVC Pipes and Fittings intended for the application of residual water evacuation inside buildings. It is a complete certification system including on-site audits and annual checks on certified products and ensures users (architects, construction manager, control offices, network managers, consumers ...) that tubes and fittings covered by certification are in accordance with regulations and technical specifications that enhance the quality level of certification.
All the requirements to be met are described in the NF-513 certification rules.


The NF Mark - Fire Safety - PVC Tubes and Fittings attests to the constancy of the quality of the product regarding its reaction to fire behavior. Thus, the applicant sends to LNE a technical application file which includes, in particular, a classification of reaction to fire report on the product in order to attest to the conformity of the formulation.

In the follow-up of certification, the LNE carries out annually two audits of the quality system and the control of production put in place by the manufacturer as well as tests (LOI and tests of expansion) on samples taken on site in order to check the maintenance of the performances certified products.

Why choose the NF Mark - Fire Safety - PVC Tubes and Fittings?

The affixing of the NF Mark - Fire Safety - PVC Tubes and Fittings gives the insurance to the users of the manufacturer's monitoring of the fire behavior of the certified product.

Get certified

The certification rules define the framework of the certification managing, including the scope, the requirements to be met by the applicant / holder, during admission and surveillance procedures.
The procedures for obtaining certification are defined in part 3 of the rules NF Mark - Fire Safety - PVC Pipes and Fittings, which specify in particular the technical file to be transmitted and the initial evaluation process.

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