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Regulatory verification of evidential breath analysers (EBA)

As manufacturers of evidential breath analysers (EBA) or as users of this type of equipment for alcohol measurements in the breath, you must ensure that they are reliable and comply with the regulations in force. To meet these requirements, LNE carries out initial and periodic verifications and tests under COFRAC accreditation.

In the context of prevention and security activities, police forces, transport companies, as well as any company wishing to ensure the physical or mental health of their employees and the safety of their operations (e.g. nuclear power stations, leisure centres, hospitals, schools, etc.) may carry out alcohol measurements in the breath using EBA or breath alcohol testers that comply with regulations.

LNE helps these stakeholders to carry out alcohol measurements in the breath by checking the reliability and regulatory compliance of their equipment.

Verification of evidential breath analysers (EBA)

LNE's experts support institutions (e.g. French Ministry of the Interior, French National Police and Gendarmerie), EBA manufacturers and all employers by offering accredited services: 

  • Initial verification of EBA
  • Subsequent verification and for EBA in service

Benefits: As an option, LNE can transport your instruments to and from the site and monitor your fleet of instruments, reminding you of verification deadlines.

Internationally unique test benches

LNE has designed and developed its own test benches, which reproduce the conditions of a human breath as closely as possible. In particular, they enable us to:

  • Generate a gas mixture as representative as possible of human breath (air, ethanol, humidity, CO2, etc.), 
  • Simulate the dynamics of different types of breathing human beings (volume, expiration time, dead volume...),
  • Simulate the world's climatic conditions (salt spray, water, dust and sand),
  • Simulate interfering substances

Tests on evidential breath analysers (EBA) and breath alcohol testers

For manufacturers, LNE offers:

  • Tests for compliance with the international recommendation OIML R126 on EBA
  • Tests for compliance with French (NF X 20-702 / XP X 20-800) and European (NF EN 16280 / NF EN 15964) standards for breath alcohol testers
  • Issuance of the NF EBA mark (in French)


Did you know?

LNE is the only “OIML Test laboratory” in the world recognised for the R126 recommendation.

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*List of sites and scopes available on cofrac.fr

Why choose LNE

  • A recognised multidisciplinary expert in the field of metrology
  • Reference body for the verification and calibration of your breathalysers, sound level meters, photometers, electromagnetic field meters, thermometers, hygrometers, etc.
  • Recognised OIML Test laboratory
  • Chair of the European and French standards commissions - “Breath-alcohol testers” field at Afnor
  • Leader of the evolution of the OIML R126 recommendation

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