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Certification of cash register systems

Certify the compliance of your cash register systems with requirements stipulated in Finance Law 2015-1785.


By virtue of Article 88 of the 2016 Finance Law No. 2015-1785 dated December 29th 2015, cash register system owners must, beginning on January 1st 2018, use cash register systems meeting the conditions of data inalterability, security, conservation and archival in preparation of tax authority control.  The compliance of these systems with requirements must be specified by means of a certificate delivered by an accredited body under the conditions indicated in Article L. 115-28 of the French Consumers' Code or else by an individual certification issued by the publisher.

What does a cash register system certification entail?

The LNE Laboratory has developed a certification benchmark for cash register systems that effectively demonstrates certified product compliance, based on this benchmark, with regulatory requirements.

This benchmark is applicable to all types cash register systems : cash registers, software installed on registers, regulated measurement instruments with an incorporated cash handling device, etc.

Why choose LNE?

  • A dedicated benchmark dedicated to demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Compliance justification issued by an independent, accredited and fully recognized body in the product certification field
  • Sharing of evaluations along with voluntary quality management system certifications (e.g. according to ISO 9001) or regulatory certifications (e.g. stemming from legal metrology).

Certification and benchmark request

A four-step certification process

Step certification process


Cash register system certification: fulfill the latest regulatory requirements

During this webinar, the following issues will be discussed:

  • Which cash register systems are concerned by the repository?
  • What are the requirements of the repository?
  • What are the main changes compared to the first version?
  • How is the certification process going?

Applicable regulations

Primary regulatory texts

  • Law No. 2015-1785, Article 88
  • BOI-TVA-DECLA-30-10-30-20160803

Accreditation awarded

The LNE Laboratory has been accredited by the COFRAC Committee, under accreditation number  5-0012
List of accredited sites and their corresponding scopes available on www.cofrac.fr

LNE clients testify

Nous sommes très satisfaits d’avoir pu profiter de l’expertise et du support du LNE, une entreprise sérieuse, connue et reconnue dans le monde de l’encaissement et de la balance, bénéficiant d’une aura très forte. Pour Casio, être certifié par le LNE est très valorisant et gratifiant.

Responsable de la Division Caisses enregistreuses France, Casio