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Electromagnetic compatibility

In application of European Directives (CEM, RED, Médicale, MID, etc.), all electrical or electronic products and devices must satisfy a set of standard requirements in order to guarantee their operations within their electromagnetic environment, as well as to ensure no ensuing environmental disruption.

Proposed services

The LNE Laboratory is competent in proposing various services, including:
- Technical advice and assistance,
- Establishment of quality plans and specifications,
- Execution of testing and measurement campaigns:

  • Measurement of conducted and radiated emissions,
  • Measurement of flickers and harmonics,
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) tests,
  • Radiated immunity tests,
  • Fast transient burst (FTB) tests,
  • Shockwave tests,
  • Conducted immunity tests,
  • Immunity testing in magnetic fields,
  • Immunity tests during voltage dips and interruptions,
  • Damped oscillatory wave (DOW) tests.

Resources available

In response to client demands, we are able to deploy the following equipment:

  • Anechoic chambers,
  • Conducted testing laboratory,
  • Measurement receivers,
  • Antennae,
  • Frequency synthesizers,
  • Amplifiers,
  • Wave generators.

Applicable regulations

The tests being proposed are capable of satisfying a wide array of standards, including:

  • CEM Directive,
  • RED Directive,
  • "Médicale" Directive,
  • MID, OIML Directive,
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 60601-1-2,
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 61326,
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 55024,
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 55032,
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 55015,
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 61547,
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 61000-6-1, -2, -3, -4,
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8, -11, -18 and thereafter
  • CEI/EN/NF EN 50155.

Products involved

Any electrical equipment, including electronic medical devices, information processing devices, laboratory instruments, test benches, industrial machines, lighting fixtures, electrical household appliances, hardware / tooling, etc.

LNE clients testify

Nous sommes très satisfaits de notre collaboration avec le LNE, que nous considérons comme un partenaire, qui a su se mobiliser rapidement pour répondre efficacement à nos besoins et sur lequel nous pouvons nous appuyer pour notre développement.

Directeur général, T.Zic