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Performance and aptitude assessment of building insulation products

LNE proposes an entire line of tests that enable characterizing building insulation products, such as insulating materials and insulating glass panes. This service pertains to regulatory testing within the scope of EC marking applications (components covered by the RPC building industry products regulation) or else specific client requests.

Services proposed

Among the proposed series of characterizations:

- Insulation materials:

  • Thermal performance tests: measurement of the thermal resistance of insulation materials,
  • Mechanical performance tests: tests of tension, compression, shear, water resistance, etc.,
  • Fire behavior tests: Euroclass tests (single burning item (SBI), solar panel, higher calorific value, ignitability, LEPIR protocol, etc.),

- Insulating glass panes:

  • Measurement of the gas filling rate by means of a destructive or non-destructive method,
  • Dew point measurement in the laboratory or in the field,
  • Resistance to humidity penetration, measurement of the humidity penetration index, measurement of humidity recovery on the dehydrating agent,
  • Characterization of glass pane components (dehydrating agent, spacers, mastic materials, crosspieces),
  • Customized tests to identify the causes of a loss of glass pane performance (pressure drop, break, humidity penetration, etc.).

Resources available

To perform these services, we have at our disposal the following equipment:

InstrumentMeasurements conducted

Guarded hot plate for building industry insulation materialsMeasurement of thermal resistance for an average temperature lying between 0 and 60°C:
R (m² K/W), l (W/mK)

Guarded hot plate for industrial installationsMeasurement of thermal conductivity for a temperature varying from -150°C to +500°C

FluxmetersMeasurement of thermal conductivity for an average temperature of 10°C

Creep test bench, compressibility test bench% or mm of long-term deformation of insulation, with the influence of temperature

Tension-compression machine

  • Force (N, Pa, e(%))
  • Inter-jaw distance
  • Displacement speed


Aging chambers for insulating glass panesExecution of CFH cycling (hot-humid-UV)
(all cycling programs with these 3 parameters: T°C,  RH%, UV)

Glass pane pressure drop resistance test benchMeasurement of the pressure drop applied to a glass pane, and assessment of the failure mode (Delta P)

Test benches for measuring the gas rate in insulating glass panesAll gaseous mixes: 1 per destructive method using a chromatograph, 1 per non-destructive method using a Gasglass device

VitrometerGlass thickness and identification of treatment (simple glazing, double glazing, with or without coating, laminated glass)

Test benches for characterizing components

Physicochemical properties of dehydrating agents
Surface and dimensional properties of spacers


Dew point measurement benches in insulating glass panesDew point temperature.Measurements conducted in the laboratory or on-site

Modular climate chamber for thermal evaluation, combustion and insulation component testsTemperature (programmable cycle)
Combustion gas analysis (controlled aeration)Measurement of thermal comfort, degree of insulation in actual situations, combustion evaluation


Product Standards and applicable benchmarks

  • Thermal insulating products for the building industry: EN 13162, EN 13163, EN 13164, EN 13165, EN 13166, EN 13167, EN 13168, EN 13169, EN 13170, EN 13171,
  • Thermal insulating products intended for building industry applications: EN 14063-1,EN 14064-1, EN 15101-1, EN 14315-1, EN 14316-1, EN 14317-1, EN 14318-1,
  • Thermal insulating products for building facilities and industrial installations: EN 14303, EN 14304, EN 14305, EN 14306, EN 14307, EN 14308, EN 14309, EN 14313, EN 14314, EN 14319, EN 14320, EN 15501,
  • Self-supporting sandwich panels, insulation, double-skin, metal cladding: EN 14509,
  • Thermal insulating products and filling products for civil engineering applications: EN 14933, EN 14934,
  • Flexible leak-proof sheets: EN 13956, EN 13967.

Applicable benchmarks (Standards, Tests)

  • EN 822,
  • EN 823,
  • EN 824,
  • EN 825,
  • EN 826,
  • EN 13467,
  • EN 14706,
  • EN 1602,
  • EN 1603,
  • EN 1604,
  • EN 1605,
  • EN 1606,
  • EN 1607,
  • EN 1609,
  • EN 12086,
  • EN 12087,
  • EN 12088,
  • EN 12089,
  • EN 12090,
  • EN 12091,
  • EN 12730,
  • EN 12430,
  • EN 12431,
  • EN 12667,
  • EN 12939,
  • EN ISO 6892-1,
  • EN 12310,
  • EN 12311,
  • EN 12316-1,
  • EN 12317-1,
  • EN 12691,
  • EN 12730,
  • EN 13469,
  • EN ISO 4590,
  • EN 29052-1,
  • EN 29053,
  • EN ISO 354,
  • e-specifications 2662,
  • e-specifications 3537,
  • e-specifications 3669,
  • e-specifications 3230,
  • e-specifications 2358,
  • Series of standards EN 1279-XX and P78-45X,
  • CPTG CEKAL specifications.

Products covered

  • Thermal insulation materials,
  • Insulating glass panes.