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Instrumentation: Certification in Legal Metrology

You want to commercialize your measuring instruments in France, in Europe, or worldwide, LNE allows you to certify their design in application of the regulatory requirements. As manufacturer, repairer or installer of regulated measuring instruments, gain flexibility by certifying your quality management system.

Presentation of the certification

Have a certified measuring instrument certified:

A type examination serves to validate the design of a measurement instrument in light of the set of elements presented in a request and, if applicable, the series of analyses and tests conducted on one or more representative copies of the instrument type. The type examination is made official by issuance of a certificate attesting that the type of instrument meets the requirements of its category and moreover defines, as needed, the set of special conditions for instrument verification or use.

EU design examination:                                          

The EU design examination is scheduled within the scope of the H1 module of Directive 2014/32/EU (MID).

OIML certificate:

OIML is a voluntary certification system based on a dedicated set of recommended requirements. It is intended to streamline the administrative procedures and reduce costs tied to the international trade of measurement instruments subjected to regulatory requirements. When the type examination of your instrument is conducted in accordance with an OIML recommendation, the award of an OIML certificate will allow you to facilitate your approval procedures in the countries that recognize this type of certificate. The list of international recommendations for which LNE is capable of establishing OIML certificates is available on the OIML website.

Have a certified quality management system in Legal metrology

The CE marking, or early verification, of the instruments constitutes the control operation attesting that the new or repaired instruments satisfy the requirements of their category.

Directives 2014/31/EU (IPFNA) and 2014/32/EU (MID) stipulate that the CE marking may be directly affixed by the manufacturer, whose quality system has been approved by LNE beforehand. In this case, LNE acts as the notified body during steps to approve the quality management systems for the various modules relying on quality assurance.

National regulations (Decree No. 2001-387) set forth similar provisions for manufacturers of regulated measuring instruments not covered by a European directive and for repairers and installers.

CE marking and UKCA marking

Through its subsidiary LNE-GMED UK Approved Body (UKAB 8521*), LNE is able to deliver UKCA marking for measuring instrument and NAWI.

To enable you to sell your products on both the European and UK markets, LNE carries out a joint assessment in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU and UK Regulation 2016 No. 1153 or Directive 2014/32/EU and UK Regulation 2016 No. 1152.

Find out more about UKCA MARKING

Get certified

Type or Design examination or OIML certification

To obtain a quotation for type, design or OIML certification, download and complete the information questionnaire*.
In the case of a type or design examination, the questionnaire must be completed with the file creation form*.

*interactive pdf to download and open with Adobe acrobat reader latest version


Quality management system in legal metrology

Before applying for quality management system approval, please read the General Information on the certification process.

To obtain a quotation for a Legal Metrology / Instrumentation management system approval, download and complete the information questionnaire*. Once the quotation has been accepted, your application must be completed with the elements described in the application file.

*interactive pdf to download and open with Adobe acrobat reader latest version



Send your application to: info@lne.fr


Detailed brochure of the service

Sheet presenting a reminder of the main points to know about legal metrology, the main stages of the life cycle of a regulated measuring instrument, the type examination, and the audit.

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