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Transportation simulation

Transportation simulation testing serves to evaluate the behavior of both the product and its packaging when subjected to myriad constraints relative to the distribution cycle. The objective herein is to replicate the most unfavorable distribution cycle as a means of guaranteeing product integrity until ultimate delivery to the end user.

Proposed services

The LNE Laboratory is capable of proposing various services, including :

- Audit and advice on packaging and logistics flows,

- Cost optimization / reduction of packaging materials,

- Packaging qualification for Amazon (ISTA-6-Amazon.com),

- Simulation in road, air, rail modes through the use of specific tests, namely :

  • Random vibrations,
  • Sine wave vibrations (fixed frequency),
  • Shocks (half sine wave, trapezoidal, SRC, etc.) (COFRAC),
  • Falls,
  • Compression,
  • Cyclic tensile loading,
  • Climate-specific packaging,
  • Pressure rises and drops due to altitude,
  • Material handling tests,
  • Qualification/characterization of stretchable film,
  • Technical advice, expertise and guidance.

Resources available

To satisfy these testing needs, LNE features the following set of instruments :

  • Drop zones extending from 2.2 to 9 meters high, accommodating up to 1.2 tons,
  • Hydraulic vibrating table (2 tons),
  • Mechanical vibrating table (3 tons), 1 vertical inch, rotating, elliptical (15/6 mm),
  • Vibrators,
  • Large capacity (3 tons mounted on-board) and small inclined planes for side shocks,
  • Tumbling barrel (5-m diameter),
  • Static and dynamic compression systems,
  • Maritime transportation test bench,
  • 20-ton stacking crane,
  • Bracing tester,
  • Air and water seal control systems,
  • Climate-controlled chambers ranging from 200 liters to 95 m3,
  • Pressure reduction chambers,
  • Blast furnace.

Applicable regulations

The proposed set of tests are capable of satisfying many standards, notably :

  • ISTA (1A to 1H, 2A to 2C, 3A, 3B, 3E, 3F, 3H, 4AB, 6AM, ISTA-6-Amazon.com, 6FedeX, 6SC, 7D),
  • ASTM D4169,
  • EN 13626,
  • NF EN CEI 60068-2-xx,
  • NF H 00-60 / NF S 99-700 / NF H 50-014 / NF X 30-511, ISO 23907,
  • ADR,
  • ISO 13194 / 4180  / 2244  / 2247  / 2248  / 8318 /,
  • GAM EG 13,
  • MIL STD 810,
  • GALIA specifications,
  • Custom client specifications.


Products covered

All types of packaged products and packaging, all materials and all dimensions (from medical blister packs to industrial-scale containers).

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