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A new generation of atomic clocks, 100 times more accurate than cesium clocks, is about to reach maturity. They open the way to a redefinition of the unit of time scheduled for 2030. The second is the fundamental unit with the highest degree of accuracy and at the same time it is the one with the oldest definition, since 1967...

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LNE : 120 years striving to benefit the field of measurement

120 years striving to benefit the field of measurement

Since its founding in 1901, LNE has deployed its human and technical resources in the quest of developing increasingly more reliable and accurate measurement capacities. The Laboratory's works, renowned expertise and scientific excellence, all applied to overcome complex challenges, carry authoritative weight in industrial fields as well as among institutions and the public sector, which benefit from its guidance and solutions. LNE's dedication to areas affecting large population segments on a daily basis justifies its status as a leading actor in continuously enhancing companies' competitiveness and innovation while promoting a safer and more responsible society.