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The diversity of qualities and therefore performance levels of graphene on the market today is a barrier to the full acceptance of this 2D material and therefore to the development of innovations in many sectors (health, sensors, composites, battery, semiconductor...). It is thus essential to develop reliable and harmonized measurement methods, able to determine its structural and chemical properties.
To avoid false hopes of vaccines, drugs, means of detection and or protection (coating of materials...) against Covid-19 or its effects, there is no other solution than to be able to evaluate these products on a robust and ...
The LNE Nanotech Institute is taking part in the European project Nanowires (High throughput metrology for nanowire energy harvesting device) funded as part of the EMPIR programme (2020-2023), which aims to support the development ...
This year, the focus is “Measures for world trade”. The objective is to promote the important role of Metrology in our society in facilitating fair world trade, guaranteeing the conformity of products with standards and ...

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The SI comprises seven units of measurement that are found in every aspect of our day-to-day lives; they are especially critical to industry. For the last two centuries, metrologists have been constantly working to improve those units of measurement, and four of them were redefined in 2018. Read our comprehensive report on the subject.

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LNE : 115 years striving to benefit the field of measurement

115 years striving to benefit the field of measurement

Since its founding in 1901, LNE has deployed its human and technical resources in the quest of developing increasingly more reliable and accurate measurement capacities. The Laboratory's works, renowned expertise and scientific excellence, all applied to overcome complex challenges, carry authoritative weight in industrial fields as well as among institutions and the public sector, which benefit from its guidance and solutions. LNE's dedication to areas affecting large population segments on a daily basis justifies its status as a leading actor in continuously enhancing companies' competitiveness and innovation while promoting a safer and more responsible society.
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